Wonders of Inner Space

Gentle curves and taut lines, short overhangs and broad shoulders: The new E-Class Wagon combines interior spaciousness with a sporty silhouette.

It has been almost four decades since Mercedes-Benz first combined the quality and luxury of the E-Class of the day with a tailgate and generous interior space to create an entirely new vehicle category: the premium-class station wagon. Considered revolutionary back in 1977, the wagon still sets industry standards today. This winter, the sixth generation of the model series hits showrooms around the country.

Significantly more athletic in appearance than its predecessor, the car has a sporty, tapering roofline that leaves you wondering how the load compartment can possibly accommodate up to 1,820 litres of cargo. The Wagon incorporates all the innovations of the E-Class Sedan and also offers those wagon-specific features and intelligent solutions that have always set this model series apart.

One example of this is the new cargo position of the rear seat bench, whose backrest can be canted an extra 10 degrees as a standard feature. That may not sound like much, but it instantly increases cargo volume by 30 litres – without any loss of seating. The rear-seat backrest is also available from the factory with a 40:20:40 split, which means owners can decide how much of the rear bench is required for seating and how much will be allotted for cargo.

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