Northern Lights

Designers are reworking traditional chandeliers into avant-garde statement pieces.

Fabric-like light

Formed by Fabric

Omer Arbel of Vancouver studio Bocci makes these sinuous glass creations by blowing liquid glass into a specially made ceramic fabric shell, which means that every single 73 light is unique in terms of form and size (hence the cloud-like beauty of the pendants when arranged in a cluster). Inside the vessel, a custom-made LED shaped like a flat ring diffuses light throughout, further accentuating the one-of-a-kind shape and the fabric-like folds.

Crystal Cradle

Light Rain

Here’s a duo of elements you might not expect to find together in a light fixture: a welded nickel wire nest and an inverted pyramid of Swarovski crystals. Taken as a whole, however, Crystal Cradle by Toronto’s AM Studio is at once modern and organic in form. The nickel wire base hangs from aircraft wires, and then seamlessly transforms into a tapered array of crystal strands.


The Layered Look

Yellow Goat Design doesn’t keep finished products on hand. The Cambridge, Ontario, company posts lighting ideas on its website and then invites clients to work with in-house designers to customize the concepts as needed. One of their latest fixtures is Curves, which came about when the studio found inspiration in a pile of bent panels that were stacked in a corner of its factory. The ethereal design includes glass pear-shaped vessels holding LEDs, which are then surrounded by undulating rings of stainless steel or acrylic.


Along the Lines

For those looking to veer far away from the standard chandelier shape, Switch, by Montreal manufacturer Eureka, is a prime example of minimalist form for maximum impact. The basic system is made up of a steel cylindrical base with one, three or five arms in which a custom-designed (and dimmable) LED is embedded. The aluminium arms, powder-coated white or black with chrome accents, swivel 350 degrees around the base, allowing the shape of the fixture to change along with the room’s configuration. For larger spaces, the manufacturer offers horizontal lengths longer than the standard 1.6 metres.

Kelly chandelier

Chain Reaction

Though their showroom is in New York, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler of Gabriel Scott handcraft their wares in their native Canada. Among their recent offerings is the Kelly chandelier, composed of a whopping 500 metres of brass or black and silver chain that weaves in and out of a framework of metallic panel, almost like a jewellery display.


Out on a Limb

At first glance, Branch, by Toronto brand Lightmaker, looks like a random mélange of brass and bulbs. But Denise Murphy and Michael Stamler’s nature-inspired lamp is actually created using a detailed pattern of geometric sections that can be customized by designers and architects – not to mention design-minded homeowners – to perfectly suit any space. The fixture is available in vintage brass, natural brass, blackened brass, polished nickel and dark bronze.

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