Heavy Metal

Already a mainstay of stylish patios and terraces, metal furniture is moving indoors.

You Are Here sheet-steel benches and tables, Geof Ramsay

Mapped Out

“I wanted to look at mass customization as not just choosing colours or features, but the overall shape and feel of each piece,” says Halifax designer Geof Ramsay of his You Are Here sheet-steel benches and tables. Ramsay laser-cuts the legs into custom maps of any location in the world, from a specific neighbourhood to a memorable landmark.

60 Pendant lampshade, Jonathan Sabine

Set in Steel

To create the perforated thin steel sheets of his 60 Pendant lampshade, Toronto designer Jonathan Sabine uses computer-controlled machines as well as traditional handcraftsmanship. Named after the 60-degree corner angles of an equilateral triangle, which can be seen all over the hexagonal form, the pendant comes powder-coated in white or copper plating.

Jouir coffee table, Mtharu

Heart of Gold

Calgary studio Mtharu hand-builds its natural steel Jouir coffee table through a rigorous process of shearing, bending, forming, welding and filing. Exacting proportions down to a fraction of a centimetre make for an incredibly durable piece designed to last for generations, with an unexpected detail: Instead of being hidden, the welding seam is accentuated in gold.

Archilume LED pendant, Saleem Khattak

Photo Finish

Vancouver designer Saleem Khattak began his career as a photographer, and his dimmable Archilume LED pendant is an exercise in light and dark. Available in a number of configurations, the fixture features a cylindrical acrylic diffuser designed to evoke ripples of water and create an ambient glow that is amplified by the gleaming anodized aluminum base.

Mark 1 chair, Marco Pecota

Classic Silhouette

Beautiful, rugged and affordable: That’s the checklist Toronto designer Marco Pecota was using when he designed the simple yet unique Mark 1 chair. The mid-century-modern-inspired shape is made of laser-cut, hot-rolled steel and Baltic birch, which is then hand-finished. The seat can also be custom-made in hardwood, aluminum and stainless steel.

Soundwave coffee table, Philip Brown, Pab

Catch the Wave

It’s no surprise that Philip Brown, furniture designer at Toronto studio Pab, has a background in engineering – his attention to detail and proportions is evident in all of his organic-looking, flowing metal pieces. His Soundwave coffee table is made of undulating rings of bent steel with a matte finish, making it seem both airy and rock-solid.

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